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High Availability Lab: Adding dual Ethernet NIC yields big improvements

I have a lab that includes: Two standalone SQL Server 2014 instances One standalone SQL Server 2017 instance running on Linux Thee 2016 instances that are part of an availability group A 2016 failover cluster instance with two nodes A … Continue reading

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WAN Emulator for Availability Group Testing

I had an unmet need to be able to test my AlwaysOn Availability Groups under less than ideal network conditions.  More specifically I needed a way to add network latency in order to create more realistic monitoring and troubleshooting scenarios. … Continue reading

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How to quickly and easily simulate a low disk space scenario

It turns out that the built in fsutil OS utility can quickly create an empty file of any size.  For example: fsutil file createnew test.txt 1300000000 Will create a file 100 billion bytes in size. For my scenario I needed to … Continue reading

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