SQL Server 2017 on Linux POC

Fun, new stuff today. I installed an instance of Ubuntu on my Oracle VirtualBox hypervisor and then installed SQL Server 2017 using the directions found here. Once installation was complete I used systemctl status mssql-server to validate that the services were running and then connected to the database engine using SSMS on my windows desktop.  Two VirtualBox settings of note:

  • The network adapter was set to the Bridged Adapter – the actual physical adapter in my lab PC.
  • The minimum memory required to install SQL Server is 3.5GB.

Update 6/25/2017: Today I provisioned an instance of Ubuntu server on Azure and went on to install SQL Server 2017 on that instance. One key difference with Azure is that you need to add an inbound security rule to the network interface on port 1433 in order to remotely manage the SQL Server instance.

Update 6/27/2017: Today I finished and passed the edX Provisioning Databases in Azure and SQL Server course.  It was kind of underwhelming, but it gave me some decent exposure into running SQL Server and administring databases on Windows Azure VMs, Linux Azure VMs, and SQL Azure databases.

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